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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy Musashi Engineering, Inc.

Musashi Engineering, Inc., as a manufacturer with outstanding technologies, has received our customer's personal information in the course of the performance of our duties, therefore, we recognize that we are responsible to establish the strict and proper management system to protect personal information. At the same time, we believe that all of our employees must be fully aware of this "Personal Information Protection Policy."

We protect personal information, and in order to earn further trust and sense of security from our customers, we will do our best to comply with the relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information and ensure the proper handling of personal information.

From such a point of view, we hereby provide and implement the "Personal Information Protection Policy."

About Protection of our Personal Information
Collection of Personal Information
  • ◇We collect personal information in a proper and legal manner, through no fraud or other illegal means
  • ◇ When collecting personal information from our customer, we will clearly indicate the purpose of use for such personal information in advance, except in cases where the customer provides personal information for the purpose of obtaining our information in any manner (e.g., through sales activities, recruiting activities, in an event or seminar, or otherwise at a meeting) and form (e.g., on the Internet, by e-mail, or in writing) whatsoever, and/or where we collect personal information for fulfilling orders and for evaluation and review.
Use of Personal Information
  • ◇We use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purpose of use:
    • ・To answer your quotation, request and consultation, and to send materials;
    • ・To send products ordered;
    • ・To provide information about a seminar, various products and services;
    • ・To collect your opinions to us by means of questionnaires, etc.; or
    • ・Any other business incidental to the foregoing
  • ◇ If we use personal information for purposes not provided for above, we will obtain the prior consent of the holder of such personal information to use it.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
  • ◇We may provide such personal information to our business partners for marketing activities, support and information provision services or the like useful for our customers, or solely for the purpose of inuring to the benefit of our customers. In such case, all efforts would be made, for example, to take necessary measures to prevent the divulgation thereof.
  • ◇When we have received an objection from our customer, we will not provide all relevant information to others, and upon request of our customer, we will cease providing such information to a third party.
Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
  • ◇When we are required by our customer to disclose their personal information, we will make quick response to such request in accordance with the prescribed procedures. When we are required by our customer to correct or delete their personal information, we will conduct an investigation and promptly take necessary measures to correct or delete such information.
  • ◇ In such case, it premises that the request is made by the customer in person, therefore, please note that we are unable to meet such request if it cannot be confirmed that he/she is the person in question.
Security System for Customer's Personal Information
  • ◇We will establish the system to ensure the security of our customer's personal information, respect their intended purpose of use, and protect the loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction of such data.
  • ◇ We will, pursuant to the representations of this privacy, undertake educational activities for our officers and employees to deepen the understanding of personal information protection, e.g., through the improvement of the internal rules and the conduct of training.
Review and Improvement

We continue to review and improve each representation clause of this policy from time to time. We reserve the right to modify or update the representation of this policy without notice.


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